Essential equipment for fishkeeping

Essential aquarium equipment includes a filter, bucket and cloth, water conditioner, algae scraper, fish tank gravel cleaner, ammonia and nitrite tests. Depending on the fish and the tank, an aquarium heater and an air pump.

 Aquarium Equipment infography

Aquarium Equipment List

  1. A fish tank: choosing the right aquarium
  2. A filter: choosing the right filter
  3. A bucket for the exclusive use of fish (and not to wash the floor) and an old cloth: fish tank maintenance
  4. A bottle of water conditioner to remove chlorine (tap water, containing chlorine, is aggressive to fish gills): how do you condition tap water for fish?
  5. An algae scraper (if you are on a budget, an old toothbrush works fine)
  6. Fish tank gravel cleaner: fish tank maintenance
  7. An air pump (also called ‘aerator’): don’t forget the flexible tube, preferably made of silicone, and the air stone! The aerator is optional in a properly planted tank and if the water is well aerated (for example, visible movement created on the surface by the filter): oxygenation of the aquarium
  8. An aquarium heater: fancy goldfish are more delicate than slim-bodied goldfish and prefer temperatures ranging from 21°C to 25°C. Aquarium heaters also prevent large day/night temperature variations. Slim-bodied goldfish (Common Goldfish, shubukin, comets, etc) are hardier so do well in cooler temperatures, 18°C to 21°C. If you plan to keep tropical fish, rather than goldfish, most tropical fish species also require a heated tank (check the actual temperature requirements online or in a fishkeeping book).
  9. An aquarium thermometer: cheap reinforced glass or adhesive thermometers or digital thermometer.
  10. Water tests: an ammonia test, and, ideally, a nitrite test: the implementation of the nitrogen cycle (cycling the fish tank)
  11. A fish net: choose a fish net adapted to the estimated adult size of your fish (so you don’t have to buy another one a few months later)
  12. Fish tank gravel: use gravel specially designed for use within fish tanks so it does not leech toxins or dust into the water, and is smooth-edged to avoid injuring your fish. First, rinse the gravel carefully. Plan a layer of 3 to 5 cm. Aquarium set-up
Algae scraper

Algae scraper

Fish net

Fish net

Fish tank gravel cleaner

Fish tank gravel cleaner (siphon)

Air pump

Air pump

Water tests ammonia (Sera brand)

Water tests ammonia/ammonium