How long do goldfish live?

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With optimal living conditions, a goldfish can easily live up to 10 to 15 years. The world record, held by a goldfish in England (called Goldie), is 45 years!

The life expectancy of a goldfish depends on:

  • Living conditions: good water, food and plenty of swimming space are required (choosing a goldfish tank)
  • The type of goldfish: the lifespan of common or comet goldfish is generally greater than that of fancy goldfish. As fancy goldfish have been selectively bred to display certain characteristics – such as an egg-shaped body, bulging eyes – they can be more susceptible to health problems or injuries than slim-bodied types. However, many fancy goldfish live for 10 years or more!
  • The living conditions of fry and young fish also have an influence on their future health and lifespan: always get your fish from a reputable store or breeder.
  • To give your goldfish the best chance of living a long life, you should keep them in a spacious aquarium, with a good quality filter. Make sure the aquarium is cycled, keep an eye on the water quality, do regular water changes and feed your goldfish the right type and amount of food. 

Points d'interrogationDid you know?
Goldfish produce lots of waste: you are more likely to be able to maintain good water quality in a good volume of water. Avoid keeping a goldfish in an unfiltered bowl.