Where should I put my fish tank?

Where to place a fish tank - location to avoid!

Places to avoid:

  • Avoid installing the aquarium near a window: Direct light will encourage algae. The sun can also significantly increase the temperature of the water.
  • Avoid installing the tank near a door: Vibrations can be felt through water so if the door is frequently opened and shut, the fish will get stressed. Generally, any location near a constant crossing point is stressful for fish.
  • Avoid sources of noise: Televisions, hi-fi systems (etc) are examples of these.
  • Avoid heat emitters: Installing an aquarium near a heater or radiator can also increase the temperature of the water.
  • Avoid putting a large fish tank on the top of a desk or on other furniture not designed for holding an aquarium. A dedicated aquarium stand, purchased in a pet store, will be safer – check the manufacturer instructions and maximum tank weight for your particular stand model.
  • Avoid putting an aquarium in the center of a large room: it is recommended to put an aquarium near a wall or in a corner where the floor is better supported.

What is the best location for a fish tank?

  • Visibility: The aquarium should be well in sight – you shouldn’t have to twist your head to admire it!
  • From a practical point of view: The aquarium location should be close to an electrical outlet in order to be able to connect the necessary equipment (filter, air pump, aquarium light etc.) but not directly above- safety first!
  • A flat surface: The aquarium must be placed on a perfectly smooth and flat surface (check with a spirit level) and on a solid piece of furniture. A 120 liter aquarium (approximately 32 Us gallons) filled, with the decor and all its equipment can weigh over 200 kilograms. Furniture designed for aquariums will guarantee safety. Most manufacturers provide instructions with the aquarium on how to install it and some precautions to take.
  • Check the quality of the sealant. And make sure that there are no grains of sand trapped between the base of the tank and the furniture. As, once filled with water, you should not move the aquarium at any cost or it could break or shatter.
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Make sure that your floor can support the full tank weight. And if you are considering purchasing a very large tank, check that your home insurance covers water damage!

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